Peachtree Road Race

5am and volunteers are up

Peachtree Road Race is a traditional race in Atlanta. If you follow my blog, you probably have read about it before. Yes, because I brag about all the races I do and this one is awesome. Why? oh well…

  • It is the biggest 10k in the world with over 60,000 people;
  • It is only possible because of amazing 7 am on Independence day!

It is a must do experience and I live steps away from the starting line. But this year, I can’t really run it because it is not on my plan (aka coach has no idea) so I plan to do easy 6 miles as I have that the day after on my calendar. Now, how to hold me back? I am pretty bad at it. But I try to focus on my real finish line: Ironman Santa Rosa, that is only 25 days away. Focus, Nadia! Let’s find a way around it.

It is a group of runners!

It was supposed to be hot, like really hot. (In fact, it was about 90F by the time I finished at 8:30 am). I knew racing couldn’t happen. Some co-workers who happen to be my friends, even thought they are not really runners (believe I know people outside of swim, bike, run….. I just don’t hang out with them very often) suggested a pre race breakfast so we could all fuel up before those hot and awesome 6.2 miles. It was the perfect excuse. I was relaxed, we had breakfast and saw the jets flying by my window. Then, walked to our wave that had already started and eventually ran.

A friend of mine was taking it easy as he wasn’t training at all. So we jogged with him up to mile 3. Once that Piedmont hill came, he decided to walk and we left him. I could have hit it hard, but kept chatting about work and life with my other friend. It was pretty relaxed, the photographers saw us and as usual, my friend took advantage of it and showed his moves. This was the most relaxed Peachtree I have ever done and I got to truly enjoy it. I told everyone if anyone offered me a beer I would take it and NO ONE yelled beer this year. It was not meant to be. Finish time: 1:04:27, an easy negative split since we started pretty slow.






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