Privacy Policy and Disclosure

Transparency is required by FTC Disclosure. It is required that ALL bloggers to disclose whenever there could be a hidden interest, unspoken biases, etc related to products, services or any type of recommendation. All readers should be aware:

  1. There are affiliated links that provide me a referral credit.

Transparency is also required on Girl Tri Talk. This MEANS that this blogger will only recommend what she likes it. There is NO money that will make me write something that I do not believe it is true.

Regarding privacy policy, this GIRL uses a third party vendor to serve ads and collect certain information from you while visiting this blog. All information shared is NON-personable identifiable. The data collected is used to offer you goodies and services that you might have googled or visited on Amazon. If you can not resist temptation, you can opt-out. Please visit


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